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Many property owners interested in performing the day to day management of their properties, still would like a company to handle the leasing and vacancy management. Premium Properties offers owners full service leasing solutions. Whether you have a single family home, a couple of available apartments or need a complete lease up of a new rental community, our licensed real estate agents have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best representation possible. In addition, our vacancy management service can keep track of your units while they are occupied and make sure that your leases get renewed or re-rented.

When you hire Premium Properties Leasing Service, here is what you can expect:


Upon notice of an available unit, we will come to your property and meet with you. We will provide you with up to date information on market conditions and make recommendations on strategies to make your unit marketable and more valuable. This may include potential upgrades and additional services. Furthermore, we will suggest the most appropriate terms based on your specific property. You can be confident that you will receive highest possible rent, while limiting vacancy cost.


Your property will digitaly photographed and these pictures along with a detailed description will be the basis of unique web page dedicated to your property. By showcasing your property on our website, other various internet sites, and when necessary, newspaper classifieds, you can be assured that you will receive enormous exposure. This will attract the largest pool of potential residents, ultimately yielding you the highest possible rent.

Your property will be shown as demand dictates. In this market it is so important to be available. Whether it is during normal business hours, early evenings or weekends, your agent will make themselves avaiable. In the event, your unit is still occupied we will also handle providing all of the legal notices to enter. Our licensed agents will personally tour prospective residents through your property and point out all the benefits and features. Applications are handed out during showings to all interested residents. Prospects can also obtain applications at our office or on our website. By collecting applications along with holding deposits, you can be assured that we will only process serious applicants.


The most important thing you can do to protect your investment is to make sure that you select a qualified resident. We will perform a full screening to ensure that your prospective resident is well qualified, while following all local, state and federal fair housing guidelines. All applications will be carefully screened for credit, unlawful detainers, rental and ownership references, and income. If necessary, cosigners will be secured and their applications will be processed also. Only residents that meet our strigent guidelines will be selected as your resident.

Upon acceptance, we will either use your lease or provide you with our rental agreement. In addition, we will make sure that your new residents sign all of the required and recommended disclosures. Finally, we will collect a casheirs check for the move-in funds and place them in our real estate trust account. The screening information, fully executed lease, and proceeds from the move-in funds, will later be provided to you.


We hope to continue our relationship with you after your unit is rented. We beleive that leases should always be renewed. But, this process is difficult and time consuming. We can keep track of your lease expiration dates and notify residents of the need to renew or give notice. If your units are not subject to rent control, we may also recommend a rent increase, which will be incorporated in the renewal. We will then follow up and make sure we receive an executed lease extension or a notice to vacate. In the event, the resident decides not to renew, we will immediately begin remarketing your unit. Often times, units will be shown while they are occupied in order to reduce vacancy cost.


Premium Properties can help developers reach the finish line with their projects. Early on we are available to consult with you and your architect on how to best maximize the value of each unit. Our unique prospective will provide insight into design and functionality of space. During construction, we will begin marketing your community and establishing a brand. When at least one unit is ready we will set up a model, and begin promoting your new community.

Recently, we successfully leased up the East Lake Lofts (39 Units), Hillside Village (64 Units), Stadium Plaza (75 Units) and are currently leasing up The Beaumont Court Apartments (24 Units)

If you are interested in our comprehensive leasing and vacancy management services, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your particular needs. We are confident that our brand of service will be exactly what you're looking for.








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