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We know that managing property involves more than collecting rents. That is why Premium Properties provides constant attention to detail and prompt resolution of problems. We treat each property as if it was our own. Our primary goal is to increase the overall value of your asset. Making sure that your residents are satisfied customers is even more important in today's competitive market. We believe that by providing absolutely premium service to the residents, we will reduce vacancy costs, command rents at the higher end of the market, and prevent minor maintenance items from becoming major repairs. In addition, we proactively build great communities in the buildings that we manage, making our residents feel at home.

When you hire Premium Properties, here is what you can expect:


Our computerized accounting system is capable of providing all the reporting you need for tracking income and expenses as well as tax compliance. These reports can indicate both current and year to date financial information. We keep track of all residents' payments to insure you receive what you are entitled to. Reports are sent on a scheduled date. Your proceeds can be sent to you or to your bank. We can pay any or all of your bills, utility payments, mortgage, insurance, and taxes. Let us know what you need and we can tailor our program to fit you. When your resident vacates, we will provide all required accounting of the resident's security deposit. All appropriate charges will be assessed and any remaining amounts owed will be reported or pursued.

Rents are due on the first and considered late if not paid by the third of the month. We are very aggressive about rent collections and we will work hard to get you paid on time each month. Late charges are enforced and if necessary we know all the steps to take in the event the rent is not paid. This includes actions to evict the resident.


We will evaluate the current market rents to decide what rent to charge. We may suggest improvements or additional amenities to increase the overall value of your unit. This assures you that you will receive the best possible return on your investment. Our updated rent surveys and experience in the market will help in achieving the highest possible rent while limiting vacancy time.

Premium Properties' marketing expertise gives you the best exposure by showcasing your property on our website, creating promotional flyers & classified ads, displaying attractive signs and utilizing a broad referral network.

Prospects will be able to obtain complete information 24-hours a day by phone or via the internet. Your property will be shown as demand dictates. Our applications are handed out during showing appointments to all interested prospects. Prospects can also obtain applications at our office or at this website.

We will perform a full screening to ensure that the prospective resident is well qualified. All applications will be carefully screened for credit, unlawful detainers, rental and ownership references, and income. Choosing the right resident is one of our most important functions.

All residents we rent to are required to sign our rental agreement. Our rental agreement includes many clauses that protect both the owner and the resident. Also, all required disclosures are made to insure compliance with legal requirements.

We collect a deposit from the resident to safeguard against damage. The deposit is normally a month and a half rent. If the resident has a pet we require two months rent deposit. At the end of the lease we perform a walk through at the property and a cost of any work attributed to the resident will be deducted from the deposit.


One of the best ways to prevent repairs is to perform normal preventative maintenance. In our experience, this watchful eye can prevent major expenses down the road. We will work with you and our contractors to create a maintenance schedule for the building. Overall, this will keep your residents happy by reducing the number of unexpected repairs.

We offer 24-hour emergency coverage, preventative maintenance inspections and utilize a diverse crew of independent contractors. We make every effort to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones. Our prompt response to any problems that may arise keeps tenants happy and encourages them to inform us of these problems in a timely manner. Contracted work will be bid out and chosen based on their quality of work, price and experience. We follow-up on completed maintenance jobs to make sure that work was done properly and to the resident are satisfied.


Premium Properties is committed to making sure that your property is legally compliant. In today's litigious society, it is extremely important that your property complies will all local ordinances and state laws. We make a point of keeping updated on new requirements and restrictions for property owners. This guarantees that your interests are protected and that your residents' rights are not violated.

If you are interested in having truly PREMIUM service to you and your residents, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your particular needs. We are confident that our brand of service will be exactly what you're looking for.



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