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Managed Properties

1610 62nd St.

61st Street 4-Plex, Oakland

7th Street 6-Plex, Berkeley

Addison Arts Apartments, Berkeley

Adeline Courtyard Apartments

Alcatraz Walk Apartments

Alternatives Therapy Office Suites

Appian Way Bungalows

Appian Way Home

Appian Way Home

Atrium Plaza

Blake 4-Plex, Berkeley

Blake Telegraph Apartments

Brickside Lofts, Berkeley

Burnett 4-Plex, Berkeley

Burnett 6-Plex, Berkeley

Campus Drive Duplex

Casa Bonita Apartments

Channing Apartments

Channing Apartments, Berkeley

Channing Campus Apartments

Channing Poolside Apts, Berkeley

Channing Stroll to Campus Apartments

Channing Walk Apartments, Berkeley

College 4-Plex, Berkeley

College Ave. Walk Apartments

Cragmont Home, Berkeley

Durant CAL Apartments, Berkeley

Ellis 10-Plex, Berkeley

Ellsworth Next to CAL Apartments

Ellsworth Next to CAL Apartments

Forest Street Walk Apartments

Francisco Apartments, Berkeley

Gourmet Gateway Apartments

Grizzly Peak Home, Berkeley

Hanover Apartments, Oakland

Haste Walk to CAL Apartments

Hearst Apartments

Hearst Apartments, Berkeley

Hearst Duplex, Berkeley

Hearst Garden Apartments, Berkeley

Hearst Garden Apartments, Berkeley

Hearst Walk Apartments

Hillegass @ Willard Park Apartments

Hillegass Apartments, Berkeley

Hillegass Brownshingle, Berkeley

Hillegass Walk Apartments, Berkeley

Hillgard Ave Apartments

Josephine Walk Apartments

Le Conte Apartments

Le Conte Duplex

Le Conte Walk Apartments

Le Conte Walk Apartments

Milvia Apartments, Berkeley

Milvia Walk Apartments

MLK 6-Plex, Berkeley

North Berkeley Gardens

North MLK Walk Apartments

North St. Du-Plexes, Oakland

Oxford Apartments

Parker CAL Apartments, Berkeley

Piedmont Avenue Apts & Retail, Oakland

Prince 5-Plex, Berkeley


Rockridge Walk Apartments

Ruby Street 4-Plexes

Ruby Street 4-Plexes

Shafter Ave.

Solano Stroll

Southside Retail, Berkeley

Spruce 4-Plex, Berkeley

Telegraph Gardens, Berkeley CA

Telegraph Holistic Office Suites & Apartments

Walnut Street Apartments

Ward Walk Apartments

Ward Walk Apartments

Webster Poolside Apartments

Woolsey Brown

Woolsey Green

Woolsey Walk, Berkeley
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